Solving our country's biggest financial problem!

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In a book I am reading by: Steven Pinker Steven points out a number of important facts. In 1970 there were 3.7 Billion people on this earth, and there were 1.5 Billion extremely poor. Today there are 7.5 Billion people and 700,000,000 that are extreme poverty. All of this was accomplished by the world trade, and the World Bank of which we have been the number one contributor. Starting about this same time the steel workers contract was settled by a 1,000 bonus and no raise for the last Forty years. What I point out is symptomatic of the whole country. For the world poor and the rich their profits from this has been fantastic. For the average American they are sick and tired of going backward it’s no wonder a jerk like Trump got elected. I must point out that's 800,000,000 fewer people in extreme poverty.

The rich control the money creation so they don’t lose their percentage of power their dollars have. If the government can create 10, 12 trillion who knows how much to defeat single payer health throughout the world (2008) they can do the same for the people of this country.

Where is the money going to come from the same palace the money came from to expand the world economy for 3.8 Billion new people in this world today.

Trump’s plan is to go backward at least for the working class, but you can’t go backwards. If you do; will the other countries follow? Look all this world trade was set up by American big business it has worked out well for them but not the citizenry. How you figure starting a fight with other countries will solve that is beyond me. We the people of this country lost because of this game we keep voting for it. Robotics and artificial intelligence will bring jobs back and pretty much eliminate world trade. When you can produce it cheaper than you can ship it everyone will make their own. More jobs lost. It is going to happen whether we like it or not.

If you almost eliminate labor you drive the cost down by at least 90% of everything. If you adjust the prices down you cause deflation. Deflation will break down the economy so that’s out. Some would have you believe the creating jobs that are not the best way or the cheapest way and are definitely not the fast way to do thing will save the economy. In a capitalist system if you do these things it is the fastest way to become a bankrupt business. That leaves us in a position that only the government can solve the problem. In a country with Socialist tendencies they would adjust the benefits to compensate for the lack of wages. There are four countries that have already done that. In Italy has passed a bill that pays every citizen 980.00 a month. That’s not to say they will eliminate work. There will always be work to be done. Some would say just adjust the wages but we can’t stand the idea of someone working at McDonalds getting $15.00 an hour. That’s as much as a steel worker makes now, and the whole government is controlled by selfish people that has pretty much eliminated unions and wage negations. No one like putting up with a strike; so that's not an effective solution.

What I propose is a rise the minimum to $8.00 an hour and the government not the employer would pay that amount to every citizen. Children under 18 would get $4.00. That’s $16302 per year for adults and $8160 for children under 18. That amount plus any job you might find will help provide a decent living. Of course this plan would include single payer health care with this new windfall no one has the excuse that they can’t afford it. If this is not acceptable raise the brackets on the graduated income Tax. It should also be tied to the cost of living. Of course that will eliminate unemployment. Social Security has nothing to do with this program that was paid for by the employee. The business share was paid for by a lower wage package.

After settling all that we can quit messing around and get on with get on with Global Warming, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics or any things else that will promote the welfare of mankind.

Only the rich thing we have a national debt so why don’t the politicians quit telling people that we owe it. Just forget about it just like they did about Gold Standard backing up the dollar.