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Please allow overnight parking in ALL parking lots for The Dead's 50th Anniversary shows July 3,4, & 5th weekend

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This is a request from the Grateful Dead community to allow camping for the duration of The Dead’s final performances during the July 4th weekend. During this long Independence Day Weekend we all know the safest thing to do - is NOT to drive, to keep away from cars and the open roads altogether.  Fox news reports that “The Fourth of July has repeatedly ranked as the deadliest holiday of the year -- even deadlier than New Year's Day.” which illustrates explicitly why Chicago needs to consider this petition seriously. Many of us will be coming into Chicago from out of town and represent a unique opportunity for the local community.

The Grateful Dead is widely regarded as one of the most patriotic bands in all of American history and this 50th Anniversary show during the July 4th weekend will be truly an All American event – inclusive of all races, tribes, and traditions. The America built by all of us together.

It would be the safest thing for the city of Chicago and the Deadhead community to allow overnight camping.


The city of Chicago expects these shows to have an economic impact of between $50 Million and $100 Million over the course of the 3 day event. There is an opportunity to use the parking grounds as a safe option for overnight camping and at the same time make a healthy profit for the city of Chicago and it’s citizens. The decision to allow this will immediately create jobs for the local downtown Chicago area.


It will also exponentially increase the exposure for downtown businesses by keeping 100,000 fans local-and-on-foot for 3 days. The economic impact of the shows can be focalized to maximize the benefits for all of  Metro Chicago, instead of allowing it to seep out looseley into the suburbs.

Some additional points to consider ( does not allow bulletpointing - so bear with me)

Keeping the 70,000+ fans off the already congested downtown traffic allows emergency vehicles better access to roads to help critically endangered people as quickly as possible.

The downtown Chicago streets are tricky even for locals to navigate successfully. With 70,000+ tourists trying to find their way out of endlessly crowded roads, late at night, in unfamiliar neighborhoods, the likelihood of problems increases dramatically.

Keeping the additional traffic off of the downtown Chicago streets for both the entry AND exit for each day of the event will allow for local businesses to benefit from the 70,000-100,000 fans on site at the venue as potential captive customers, but also all the suburban locals  will now be able to enter the downtown metro area and easily patronize downtown establishments.

This will also lead to less crowded rides on public transportation services – since many fans will already be on site, more locals and even tourists staying outside of the metro will have space freed up to bring in more customers for downtown businesses.


This is a real opportunity for those in power in Chicago and at Standard Parking to step up and do something positive for their community on both a financial level and a compassionate caring personal level- this may save a life. Maybe more.

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