Dog And Cat Meat Trade In Asia

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Imagine that your dog or cat is lost on the streets. Someone who works for a dog and cat slaughter organization picks up your dog or cat even though they see the collar. They take your dog or cat to a place that is so terrible and so unbelievably cruel. They lock up your dog or cat in a tiny cage with a couple of other dogs or cats in it that your dog or cat can barely breathe. They are treating your dog or cat like an object. The next thing you know they are taking your dog or cat out if the cage. Your dog or cat feels a taste of freedom and then your dog or cat is dead. How would you feel? This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Our best friends can’t be treated like an object anymore. We need to take a stand. Young people and older people. This is not what we should be doing. No one thought that our world would come to a point of this. Yet, here we are. In a world we’re they slaughter best friends. If we win this we could save over 10 million dogs and cats each year. If we lose than that is 10 million dogs and cats each year being slaughtered for consumption. Some organizations that can help are Soi Dog Foundation, Humane Society International, and more. We could save many lives. If you were those animals you wouldn’t want people to kill you for food. Treat others how you would treat yourself. Please help this cause.