Stop Purchasing Eggs From Battery-Cage Farms.

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Stop Purchasing Eggs From Battery-Cage Farms.

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Sodexo is one of the largest hospitality companies in the world and provides food service for hundreds of colleges and universities around the country. Sodexo proudly boasts their commitment to sustainability and their recent switch to cage-free shell eggs, but these eggs only account for a small number of the total eggs used in their operations.  So then why is Sodexo sourcing liquid eggs from cruel and unsustainable battery-cage farms?

Battery-cage farms cram egg-laying hens into tiny wire cages. With less room than a sheet of computer paper to live in for virtually their entire lives, these poor animals are unable to spread their wings or engage in any of their natural behaviors. This outdated agricultural practice is so cruel that it is already illegal in the entire European Union and several states in the US.

Thankfully, we've also seen lots of movement away from battery-cages in the private sector, too. In the last few years, some of the worlds largest restaurant chains and food service providers—places like Starbucks, Burger King, Delaware North Companies, Ben & Jerry’s, and more—have made commitments to phase out this horrible practice from their supply chain.

However, there is one conspicuous standout from this group, one of the largest food service providers in the world: Sodexo. The Humane League has reached out to Sodexo time and time again, but Sodexo refuses to make any meaningful commitment on this issue, and have fallen behind their competitors on this basic issue of animal cruelty.

Please, sign our petition and let Sodexo know that consumers do not want to be supporting this kind of extreme animal cruelty with their dining dollars. It's time for Sodexo to do the right thing and join the 21st century in pledging to end their support of farms that still use outdated battery-cage systems.

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