Sodexo: Stop Supporting Chicken Cruelty

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Sodexo presents itself as a progressive and quality-conscious catering company with a clear mission: »Quality of Life Services«. However, this stands in sharp contrast to the conditions under which broiler chickens have to live in its supply chains.

The animals suffer particularly from overbreeding for »turbo growth«, the limited space available and the lack of manipulable material in the sheds. In addition, painful stunning techniques and insufficient stunning during slaughter are among the most serious problems. Unfortunately, the legal framework in Europe is completely inadequate. Numerous animal protection groups have therefore launched the European Chicken Commitment defining minimum criteria for broiler fattening.

Some 100 large companies from the US and Europe, among them Danone, Nestlé and Unilever, have already committed themselves to meeting the criteria. In the catering industry, the Elior Group and Procuratio have recently joined the initiative.

In 2017, Sodexo agreed to raise its minimum standards for broiler chickens in the US and Canada by 2024. The company, which is active in 24 countries throughout Europe, however, has refused for two years to formulate a corresponding voluntary commitment for Europe and to implement basic animal welfare standards.

Please sign the petition and urge Sodexo to meet the criteria of the European Chicken Commitment in order to reduce the suffering of the animals whose meat Sodexo uses and to fulfill its responsibility as Europe's largest caterer.

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