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Prevent Mega-Dairy Farm From Being Built

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What's Going On?

In rural west central Ohio, a Concentrated Animal Feedlot Operation (CAFO) dairy farm of 4,500 cows is set to be built in the backyards of many concerned citizens in Mercer County, Ohio. This dairy has the potential to contaminate the surrounding wells as well as the the whole state due to the location of the farm. In the middle of Mercer County Ohio is the Ohio River basin divide and a large aquifer that stretches over a large portion of Ohio. If this farm is built, water contamination from run off is bound to occur and with the location being very close to the basin, runoff can spread a greater distance then usual. A MEGA DAIRY (McCarty) from Kansas, An excavation company (Vantilburg), and Dannon Yogurt (Danone) are involved with this sad situation.

Why Help?

Being in a rural area, our numbers can't even come close to prevent this giant CAFO farm from being built. That's why we need your help! A petition with your signature is our last hope.

We need your signature to protect these helpless animals and to keep our environment safe!

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Rural Citizens needs your help with “Socially Responsible Agricultural Project: Prevent Mega-Dairy Farm From Being Built”. Join Rural and 2,584 supporters today.