Lambeth - don't let private developers rob us of the opportunity to build social homes

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We are raising funds to ensure community homes gets built on land intended for social housing. Please help here thanks: Read why this is important...

Waterloo residents opposed plans for an Abba-themed restaurant party venue  Mamma Mia -The Party! (MMTP) to be constructed on land that has always been earmarked for social housing - and we won! Bjorn Ulvaeus took his party elsewhere but we are left to pick up the tab for ongoing legal costs/action to ensure nothing like MMTP ever gets built here. However planning permission is still live, for something similarly unsuitable...

Landowners Coin Street Community Builders (CSCB*) have had an obligation to provide social housing on this site since they acquired it for a knockdown price in 1984, but this obligation runs out in 2025 and after that, the intention of social homes on that land would be lost to the community forever.

What's the problem?

  • The vacant CSCB site is right next door to hundreds of people's (social) homes - they have little or no say in this because they are afraid of what might happen to their leases - so a nightclub-type development would be utterly catastrophic
  • If an entertainment venue is proposed (as per planning permission), crowds of 500-1000 people would bring anti-social behaviour from 6pm-11.30pm/midnight daily, e.g. noise, litter, public urination, intrusion into people's space/garden
  • There would be an increase of pollution from vehicles to transport visitors and for deliveries, with no extra parking facilities in the vicinity

 One of London's biggest crises is the lack of social housing. CSCB has a duty to provide this and could easily do so with temporary pop-up housing as evidenced by a project in Lewisham

 *Background: CSCB acquired the site cheaply along with several others in 1985 after a ten-year campaign by the local community to get affordable housing and facilities including workspaces, a community centre, shops and a park. They were sold the sites on a subsidised discount by the Greater London Council on the basis that they would swiftly develop a community-backed scheme approved in 1983.

CSCB haven’t built any affordable housing for 15 years, and earlier this year, privately stated that they don’t intend to build any more. They claim that they intend to ‘move forward’ on the site as an extension to the Neighbourhood Centre. But this is already the biggest community centre in London given the modest number (220) of households served by it! Mostly it is vacant or taken up with commercial events, not community activities. The board of CSCB is non-elected. Residents have a reviewable 5 year lease only, with no say in the running of CSCB.