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End Project Rose

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We, the undersigned, are outraged at the treatment of Monica Jones and other Arizona residents detained and arrested for sex work. We are deeply concerned about the strategies and philosophy of Project Rose and dismayed at its use of social workers to sustain systemic power imbalances.

Project Rose is a coercive program that increases criminalization of communities already disproportionately impacted by police surveillance and persecution, and its mission is antithetical to fundamental social work principles and the social work profession's code of ethics.

Instead of intervening in the larger structures that perpetuate violence, social and economic inequity, racism, and transphobia, social workers affiliated with Arizona State University's School of Social Work are colluding with and reinforcing entrenched realities about whose bodies and lives are subject to control, reform, and surveillance. 

This program recalls the most troubling aspects of paternalism and social control from social work's history. Project Rose violates both the National Code of Ethics and International Ethical Principles, including individual's rights to informed consent and social work's call to promote social justice (Wahab and Panichelli, 2013).

As Social Workers we request that NASW and CSWE stand behind the profession's core principles and demand an end to Arizona State University School of Social Work's involvement with Project Rose. We further request that NASW and CSWE endorse programs that decriminalize sex workers and center the direct leadership of current sex workers to better align with social work principles of human rights, social justice, and self-determination.


We stand in solidarity with the work of SWOP and SRLP in the fight to free Monica Jones, to end police profiling, and to decriminalize sex work.

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