Pay student social workers whilst on placement

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Student Social Workers spend more than 50% of their time at University out in the real world, on placement, working for free. There is a social work bursary out there, however it is not given to all students and for those who do receive it, is mostly used to cover the cost of rising tuition fee's leaving only a small amount left to live on! A lot of students are then faced with the prospect of having to work additional jobs for paid work, leaving them exhausted, trying to fit in the commitments of placement working as well as juggling a second job, family life and assignments etc...

I am therefore petitioning for the government to consider scrapping the bursary as it isn't a fair system for all students anyway (most students use it to pay tuition fees) and to consider paying students whilst on placement atleast the living wage! 

I think this is fair as long as students are then expected to apply for student finance to cover the cost of fee's! Every other student has to pay, so I don't feel as though we should be immune from this. We just want paying for the work we do!!

Placement IS NOT optional, so why should paying us be?!