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Give me My Angel Gracie back

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Its improtant for my daughter to be with her mummy and to have the love, comfort, understanding and education from me her mummy who loves her Angel Gracie dearly. Here is a new video I have just made for my baby:  I went to the police for help because a man was telling me really bad things where going to happen to me. That was January 28th 2011. They pinned me to the floor and called me crazy and locked me in a mental home. I have had my life destroyed and my daughter taken off me.!!!

I have recieved no help from the system. They have just destroyed my whole life!!!

I still dont have my daughter back so I have made this petition so could you please in the name of God and Love sign it. I am Forever grateful



I have always been a very loving mother and gave Gracie the best life I could. I brought Gracie up with Gods guidance as well as being just natural. I cry so much for my Angel. My daughter is being deprived by not having me to love her everyday.

 I have put many videos on you tube to fight for my daughter and so you can watch:

I have also wrote some blogs that you can read too:

I just want to hold and hug my daughter and tell her she is home and safe with me.
not only are you voteing for me and Gracie, you are also voteing for all the other families in the uk who have been severley miss treated.

Please help me and Gracie have the life together we deserve, by signing my petition, lots of love to you and I am forever Thankful

much love

from Laura & Gracie


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