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SOCIAL SECURITY HAS TO CHANGE! Enable the Disabled to help Retirees and Government!

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                                 Social Security Proposed Reform Bill

         Enables the Disabled, Comfort Retiree's and Relieve Government

1. DISABLED: Choose retroactive or monthly - Retroactive creates a HIGHER income! Already approved? (I didn't forget you).

2. RETIREE'S: Not forced to wait years longer to retire! - as Trump's states he has to INCREASE Retirement Age (without a NEW Social Security Proposal). 

3. Government: Decreased Payouts monthly creates a surplus of funds!


Simplified Version:

Disabled persons get the option of becoming business owners, etc. with guidance from professionals, to be paid by them out of their retroactive payment (which puts them in a higher financial bracket to receive monthly checks thereafter). This alters the monthly output of SSA and can be then can then be utilized to eliminate the “Retirement Age Increase” President Trump says he needs a Proposal and Congress’s cohesion to stop by next year. The intention is also to leave a surplus of funds within SSA or for elsewhere needed within our government.  

Extended Version:

1.       I am proposing that persons who apply for and are already approved for disability are given an option of either the retroactive payment or lump sum from future payments with the requirement of hiring financial advisors, business planners and vocational experts (privately or through government employees or affiliates) that will assist for up to one (1) year or they may choose the monthly payments they are eligible for instead. Who doesn’t want to succeed, maintain self respect, regain independence and help others if they are capable of doing this from their home or only being present part time?

A.      This can and will “Enable the Disabled”! Guardians/Advocates and etc. can also assist in cases where the "Disabled" is not able.

B.      This can/will decrease outgoing monthly funds the government can utilize elsewhere.

C.      Including stopping the expected increased 2 years and several months “Retirement Age” coming in a few months, as per President Trump! He has asked for help with a Proposed Bill by stating “Unless there’s some serious cohesion in Congress and a new Social Security bill passed” he has to raise the “Retirement Age”, so I am offering my Proposal and need your help getting it passed. Cite Source:

D.      It would also have a positive impact at lowering the homeless persons due to low or no incomes.

E.       It will create jobs nationwide.

Elaborated Version with more Specific Details:

 1.       I propose if a person opts for the retroactive payment, they will be required to maintain temporary assistance that will benefit both parties long term financially; as follows.

A.      A one-time payment of the retroactive to be used to start a business, franchises, patent idea’s, etc. with help provided at possibly a lower cost than usual (if applicable). Some may not need the assistance.

2.       I propose Financial Advisors, Business Planners and Vocational Experts are available for a limited time (approximately one (1) year or less) to ensure success in the business world. This also generates more work for individuals in the business, Vocational Experts and financial sectors at minimum.

3.       I am proposing the Vocational Experts, amongst others, work assisting the people find what their niche is, instead of find jobs that do not exist anymore. (See Source cited below that SSA did their own research regarding NON- existent jobs used to deny applicants). I propose all Vocational Experts (hereinafter referred to as VE’s) have updated jobs a disabled person can do rather than jobs that no longer exist. A VE’s knowledge of incorrect testimony under oath in a court of law should be discredited since they commit perjury due to acknowledgement of said research and SSA is also aware of said jobs not existing.

A.      SSA did research in 2011 on the factual availability of the cited jobs that no longer exist but are still utilized as a means to deny an applicant. The source cite is: and

B.      Large and small corporations working with the government to assist disabled persons with franchises or businesses that do not require their presence daily. Hence if a person is not capable of working every day, it will not impact their business or income they will be generating. An example will be attached as explained here. How often do you see a “Franchise owner” present at any Fast food chain?

4.       I am utilizing “Chick-Fil-A” as my example based on their low start up costs of $10,000.00 required to open, in hopes that other franchises and businesses of all sorts will find this beneficial to their businesses and join the United States in helping the minority of disabled people regain financial independence, self respect and dignity by success while working together as one Nation Under God to achieve the WIN, WIN, WIN factor. Chic-Fil- A has low start up costs compared to other fast food chains, etc. Source is cited here:

5.       I am proposing the possibility of Stock Brokers and Investor’s to assist in making our country stronger financially by helping guide the disabled into individual stability also.

3.       I am proposing assistance with inventions since the 2012 cost for a patent changed; thus opening doors for any creator or inventor to succeed.

4.       I am proposing our country open up to helping the people help themselves with other avenues. As an example: If a person is not capable of walking or sitting for long periods of time but has a great voice that singing lessons would make them a success; lets help them change their lives with the use of the retroactive funds.

5.       I am proposing The United States of America come together as the first Nation under God that does everything possible to enable the disabled people!

6.       This will allow the disabled persons options with medical; through Obama Care, privately or through their business(s). Presently, if you do NOT work or CANNOT, you are ineligible for medical and only allotted an exemption from penalty for not having insurance. Without medical available to a disabled person that is not working, how can they get the diagnoses that could save their lives or allow for the diagnoses needed for Disability approval? They can’t! Isn’t this discrimination towards the disabled persons with the way Obama Care is set up?

 7.       I propose the allowance of full medical for a limited period (if it is not available otherwise) for approximately two (2) years nationwide once an application for disability has been filed, as it is required in some states and counties already.

 8.       I propose filing that disability is not a requirement of any state if a person is in need of medical; as Pennsylvania (and possibly other states) that require a person file for disability in order to obtain medical.

A.      A person should not be required to file for disability if they are only in need of medical in any state or part of it.

B.      I propose that NO county or other entity that provides application of medical should be allowed to “represent” any person applying for disability unless they are educated in this particular field and it is an option to the applicant; NOT a requirement under duress.

9.       I propose that no Administrative Law Judge (hereinafter referred to as ALJ) or United States entity may utilize such requirement mentioned in section 3 A - B to be a means to discredit any applicant (past, present or future).  An ALJ should be well aware of all rules, regulations and laws if they are going to use them to discredit a disability applicant.

 10.       I propose a limited timeframe of approximately two (2) years for gathering and submitting all “longitudinal” evidence for the ALJ to review the case.  Thus decreasing the retroactive amounts the government dispenses while also speeding up approvals. People should NOT die while awaiting approval.

 11.   I propose the “longitudinal” evidence can be submitted from as far back as needed; not to be limited to a few short years that may make it impossible to provide an ALJ a proper judgment of a person’s entire medical history. If “longitudinal” evidence is a requirement to prove a person has any particular medical history than it should be allowed, no matter how many years prior the medical condition(s) began.

12.   I propose giving medical professionals an incentive to partake in disability documentation or be required since it is a short document with diagnoses only; which will speed up the process.

 13.   I propose the elimination of any/all facilities or medical professional to partake in said cases that has elongated waits in between visits in order to ensure an applicant has ample access to all medical professionals needed for all proper diagnoses and testing required for approval; in a timely fashion.

A.    Example: Cleveland Clinic’s Florida location(s) have had an average wait of 5-6 months to see their individual specialists. Not to forget that some people do not know what each specialist deals with and may need to revisit a previous specialist since they were not aware of or informed of what symptoms each particular specialist may need to know. It is common to be sent to many specialists and if they do not have a crucial symptom; a proper diagnosis could be overlooked.

 14.   I propose that under certain circumstances pictures or video be allowed for submission in the event that medical is not available or advanced enough to allow for an ALJ or any other court authority to analyze present and ongoing medical conditions that are disabling.

A.       Example 1: An MRI or CT scan is not capable of detecting internal scar growth. Scar tissue can adhere to any organs including the intestines and be torn with movement, can cause long term chronic pain that cannot be seen, prompt removal of or part of organs such as the intestines, etc. Only images can be utilized if the documentation is no longer available.

15.   I propose for bi-annual medical professional documentation if a person has opted for long-term payments; in the case that they have been cured, had a successful surgery or for any other reason that would eliminate ongoing payments. This would also protect the government for overpayment if a person is deceased.

 16.   I propose that if an applicant has two (2) medical professionals confirm a terminal illness, they are approved immediately, without a hearing (to save time for both parties). Section 10 timeline could/should be shortened under these circumstances. NO one should die while awaiting approval. This does happen!

 17.   I propose if an applicant has any sort of disability plan used through work, they should still be given the option of a retroactive payment though it should be a decreased set amount by the government but would still eliminate ongoing funds paid out while “Enabling the Disabled”.

18.   I propose that the representation fee’s for lawyers or any other remain the same as set forth in law presently.

 19.   I propose that if an applicant does not or cannot hire an attorney, they or their chosen representation have full access to the applicant’s file electronically also (whether it is to look at the file and especially to submit evidence) as with any Judge, US Attorney’s Office or lawyer’s granted access. The disabled should not be disabled even more because it increases the chances of losing their case.

 20.   I propose that the courts “Authorization to Release” medical documents should fall within the realm of a court order, forcing all medical providers to get patient files to a judge to prevent a person from being denied or they should be held responsible if a person loses their case.

 21.   I propose self help call centers to be available for those who do not have a lawyer. The attorney’s fees or part thereof that the applicant would normally pay an attorney could be utilized to fund the center(s).

 22.   I propose that all documentation from the Social Security Administration be sent out via certified, return receipt that requires a signature; especially those without an attorney. Thus preventing individuals from missing deadlines that can and will cause delay or denial in their cases. People’s lives and cases rely on this documentation.

 23.   I propose medical professionals are not allowed to document “Patient Refused” unless there is literally a written refusal signed; otherwise just leave it blank if any medical condition is not addressed.

A.      Example 1: An AMA – “Against Medical Advice” document signed by the patient. But if a patient is not questioned, physically or medically checked (and all else that applies) specifically regarding ALL medical illnesses/diagnoses at any one visit or is unaware of any at that present time; do not allow for medical professionals or any court authority to utilize it against a person in a SSD/SSI denial or in any medical documentation.

1.       If the person left a medical professional to go to another for a valid reason, it should not be used as a means to discredit that person by an ALJ or any other court authority.

B.      Example 2: If a person goes to the Emergency Room (hereinafter referred to as an ER) at a hospital for breathing difficulties and they are not there for another illness such as Fibromyalgia, it is often documented as “patient refused” complaints of other medical conditions they have. Factually, an ER does not address anything other than a person’s primary complaints; not their entire medical history. Thus making this unfair for utilization to discredit a person if they are not allowed or cannot provide every medical condition at one visit.

C.      Example 3: A monthly Primary Care Provider (hereinafter referred to as a PCP) visit or a specialist that is scheduled for another patient approximately 10 (ten) or less minutes later.  It is more common that there is only minimal communication and basic vitals taken.

D.      Example 4: Fibromyalgia being a perfect example as a medical professional does not do a monthly or regular hands on check for the symptoms if it is already established the patient has this diagnosis. 

E.       The lack of monthly or regular documentation or examination should not be utilized to discredit a person, as it is not the persons fault if the medical professional does not have hours to review and document all existing medical diagnoses with a patient at every visit.

24.   It should not be allowed for any medical professional or otherwise to documents in a discriminatory way if a person states verbally, written or otherwise that they have filed for disability or have disabilities.

A.       Example 1: A questionnaire regarding a person’s work status that an applicant states in any way that they have applied for disability. This should not be used as a means to discredit or categorize a person for being honest.

25.   I propose an ALJ or any other court authority utilize a person’s “desire” to change a life status as a means to discredit or deny them disability.

A.      Example 1: A psychological questionnaire that asks an applicant if they are “motivated” to feel better mentally or physically. This does not mean they are capable; it merely states they “choose” to. It should not be used as a means to discredit a person for wanting to feel better in any way.  

B.      Example 2: If a person “chose” to win the lottery, it does not mean they will.


I am sure there will need to be changes to my proposal but I appreciate the United States, any governing body within it and the people of the United States entertaining what I feel are potentially great opportunities for both the people and the government.


Heather Palmateer (HLP)         

Port St Lucie, FL

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