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Social responsibilities of religious leaders!

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All the children are marvellous creations of god. The painful truth is that one among six children are continue to languish in work place through out the world. The main work place of their employment differs from country to country.All labour is hazardous and harms the overall growth and development of the child.


Spritual pursuits and social transformation go together hand in hand, and one without the other, will not work.If religious leaders start preaching from their platforms that child labor should not be allowed and they should be sent to schools, it will definitely have strong effect.Religious leaders are upto the remote villages and if they start creating awareness about the problem, the results will be mind blogging. The main problem is that everybody thinks it is ok for children to work and it is common.


All religious institutions should work in concert to eliminate the woeful cruelties of child labor. It is high time the latent power of the religious leaders and religious institutions is channelized to solve the problems of working children.If each decide to adopt atleast 7 to 12 working children and help a small monetary benefit to parents. very large number of children in the world will have no need to work and half of the working children force will be reduced across the world.

" Religious leaders are urged upon to unite the global society through empowering children with good education, health and positive thinking by convincing all governments of the world to impose strict ban on child labor and develop them to become responsible and peaceful citizens for global sustainable development, which is the challenge before every body."

 Thus dealing with this problem, our religious leaders should give a thought.

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