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Gain Publicity For the "Memeseum"

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Hi everyone, our names are Peyton Labiak, Sebastian Sanchez, Elyse Swift, Cade Allred, and Amine Alboualkacim, and we are high school juniors from North Carolina. We have come up with the idea to open the first Memeseum. What is a memeseum, you ask? Well, it's a museum of memes! Just look at any current museum - they exhibit the history of a time period. Well, how could one display the history of our generation? Memes. Memes about politics. Memes about pop culture. Twitter memes. Memes are not just funny jokes, they are displays of popular things and major events that are occurring around the world. To put it simply, the culture of millennials can be expressed through memes. Our first goal to make this happen? We want to begin by gaining recognition and later raise money to make our Memeseum a reality. The memeseum will not only provide entertainment, but will also truly put the history and culture of generation on display for all current and future people to see. So, you're probably wondering, why are you signing this petition, and why should you? By adding your signature to our petition, you are simply showing that you recognize and support our idea to open a memeseum. By collecting these signatures, we will be able to show potential investors and donors that the memeseum is not a joke, but truly a possibility and something that should be supported. Your signature will serve as a way to show that you are interested in the prospect of a memeseum and want it to become reality. We hope that you all want to preserve our culture in a fun, exciting way for the public to see as much as we do. Thank you for your support, and stay tuned for future updates on the progression of the memeseum. 

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