Report/Bring Attention to Eugenia Cooney's Harmful Content and Account(s)

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Eugenia Cooney is a skeletal YouTuber who shows several signs of medical problems. In the past, she has stated that her weight is natural, implying that it's perfectly okay for people to be severely bony, yellowing eyes and skin, and appearing to cognitively decline in their early 20's. She avoids every topic of food and denies she has a medical problem. She says "Everything is fine guys, don't worry" if someone expresses concern on her livestream in a place where she can't ignore it. On Instagram she is the worst. Her comments are flooded with people arguing about how triggering her body is. Her fans are hurting themselves and becoming depressed over chasing this image of eugenia's weight. its a delusion, i know that eating disorders are mental but eugenia HAS to realize that a lot of her fans are young and impressionable. ignoring every comment expressing concerns and liking fan's comments about "body goals" is sending a false image that its okay to want to look like eugenia. even if she's sick from something other than an eating disorder, she needs to address SOMETHING about her weight. silence can be more powerful than addressing it. That's why this has gone on for so long. It needs to stop.

She makes content that is geared towards people seeing her body. this has always been true, for the most part. Not in a sexual way at all, in a "hey look at me, this is my body". her camera angle usually shows off her entire body. she does clothing hauls and she gets to extend her arms and show everyone her body. she knows what she looks like and she doesn't want her fans to forget either. they want her to talk about how skinny she is. 

Make it stop.

Teens and preteens are SO susceptible to hormones and irrational behavior. they're so young and many think that lacking certain things in life is the cause for the end. many of them TRULY BELIEVE THEY WANT TO DIE. and many of them end up killing themselves. 


Be a part of the change. 

There are numerous comments on her Instagram and YouTube of fans commenting they wish they look like her. Some of them admit they've been throwing up or starving themselves to look like her. is this her fault? not directly but she can do something about it.

"Eugenia, you either clear up the rumors or cut the shit and delete your account. You KNOW what your comments say and you are being incredibly harmful. You are 24 years old. Clearly, none of your friends or family are telling you what to do with your comments. Strange."



Report Eugenia Cooney.

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