Direct Democracy or Bust

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Alright listen up. I need 2/3 of the American people to sign this petition in favor of rewriting our entire system of government as a direct democracy

I don't actually think our government gives a shit about a majority vote, because they've been ignoring them since they came into existence. I just want to get the majority of the country on the same page alllll at once, so that when our "leaders" turn their backs to us


we'll have a lot of heads to put together to decide a next step.

We don't need leaders to vote.

The people who built this shit the first time literally fought an entire war against a bigger, badder militia and WON

in response to TEA prices.

We can at least be brave enough to voice our own opinion and cast our own vote, just this once. Just for numbers. We just want to prove that our government will not honor a majority vote. That's it. And when they don't, we can decide what to do instead as a group.

Something needs to change

I bet we can get a 2/3 majority signature by the fourth of July this summer for extra irony. <3


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