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Stop the mass killing of stray dogs in Sochi, Russia for Olympics 2014

With the 2014 Winter Olympics around the corner, Sochi has hired a pest control company to dispose of all stray dogs in the area in preparation for the Olympics as it can be dangerous and "embarrassing" to the nation.

Tell Russia you will not stand for this and support the Olympics. Instead of using the money to hire a pest control company, to invest the money in finding these animals a home and shelter. This is only a "problem" because of the lack of laws and regulations in animal protection and cruelty the country has never instilled. Please urge them to stop a mass killing of man's best friend and for Olympians to unite against this act of cruelty.


Also for a long term effect please ask The Humane Society to get involoved in implementing and funding shelters in Russia.  Not only will this change the current perception that animals are "just animals" but also create new methods in spaying and neutering laws, as well as abadonment of animal companions.  In the long run this can also create jobs for the community while helping out for a great cause. 

Please unite in stopping not only this atrocity but of all acts of cruelty of animals on this planet.  We will all look back on these atrocious acts and really question our lack of compassion for all the inhabitants of this earth. 

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IOC Olympic President Thomas Bach
Olympics Sochi, Russia 2014 Olympics IOC
Please stop the mass killing of stray dogs, and invest that money in creating shelters and rescue groups for animals.

Do not allow in the light of a joyous event, for the tragedy of thousands of dogs to die because of the perception of embarrassment. If you want Russia to be seen in a positive light, show your compassion for the animals that inhabit this Earth.