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Petitioning Snohomish County Council Members and 5 others

Pass Ordinance No. 12-106 to ban the slaughter of horses.


Prevent horse slaughter from resuming in Snohomish County, Washington. 

Letter to
Snohomish County Council Members
Council Member Dave Somers
Council Member John Koster
and 3 others
Council Member Brian Sullivan
Council Member Stephanie Wright
Council Member Dave Gossett
I am writing to ask you to please vote to pass Ordinance No. 12-106, which will prohibit in Snohomish County the slaughter of horses and other equine for human consumption.

Horses, like all animals who are slaughtered for food, are individuals who experience fear and pain, and who do not deserve to be slaughtered. A slaughterhouse is a nightmare for every animal who enters it, and Snohomish County must take a compassionate stance against such cruelty. Additionally, slaughterhouses pollute the environment with manure, blood, and other slaughterhouse waste, and slaughterhouses are a safety concern for people who live near them.

I appreciate that the Snohomish County Council is taking the time to consider the serious issue of horse slaughter. Please use your vote on this ordinance to show that Snohomish County has concern for these animals, as well as the environment and people who live near potential slaughterhouse sites. Please vote to pass Ordinance No. 12-106 and ban horse slaughter.

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