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Our natural heritage is in trouble!!

Natural England (Westminsters advisor on the natural environment) has secretly issued licences to destroy a localised population of buzzards for the sake of pheasant stocks in England. There are now fears that the Scottish Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage will follow suit and issue licences for a cull of buzzards.

Is it right to kill a native British bird so an imported bird from Asia can be fattened up and shot anyway?

Over a third of pheasants are killed on British roads each year. Buzzards take only 1-2% of them for food.

In the UK, there are around 40,000 breeding pairs of buzzard. 35 million pheasant are bred each year to shoot!

What do we have to offer for future generations if we forsake our wildlife for money?

Letter to
Licences Scottish Natural Heritage
Scottish Environment Minister Paul Wheelhouse
Do not issue licences that allow the culling of buzzards in Scotland.
Remove permanently all licence procedures that allow the culling of buzzards in Scotland.
We have a moral obligation to conserve our native wildlife, not destroy it.

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