Bring back glass Snapple bottles!!!

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Snapple has recently switched to plastic bottles, rather than the former glass bottles. Like other companies, they did this to increase profits. What they all keep failing to realize is how harmful plastic is to the environment!! 

Each year, over 100,000 marine animals die due to plastic. Once plastic is ingested by an animal, it can not be passed or digested, therefore staying in their gut, creating blockage. 

In recent scientific studies, it is said that over 8 MILLION metric tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean, each year. 

You may be wondering what the point is in targeting Snapple Corp. specifically, when almost every other company is packaging in plastic. I believe that since Snapple only recently switched to plastic, theory it will be easier to start with Snapple, opposed to another company like Coca Cola. 

As an Ambassador of Sand Cloud Marine Conservation, I take saving the ocean, personally. I am a resident in Dallas, Texas. The Snapple Corporate Headquarters are only 30 minutes from my residence. My goal is 10,000 supporters, which will help me bring a strong case when attempting to meet with Snapple.