Let Us Change Our Snapchat Username

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Many people want to change their Snapchat usernames from embarrassing or old names. Many people would love to change theirs but don’t want to risk losing their saved memories or friends they’ve added. Some people had Snapchat at a young age and would now like to change it but cannot. Some people don’t go by that name (deadname, gender identity change, etc.). And some have names that many friends cannot recognize.

Snapchat has updated many things but I feel like this could be one that helps many people. But there should be a limit/time limit between the times you can change it (like once every two months you’ll have access to change it). And it should not affect your friends list in any way.

I personally do not like my username because it was a relatives account that they gave me. My friends cannot recognize it. Plus it’s embarrassing and I know so many other people feel the same or just need a change up in the name they have. 

The reason I’m writing this is for all the people who would love to change their name but cannot. And for those, like myself, who need a change in an old username. Sign this petition to let Snapchat know we want access to change our usernames.