To SMTOWN,please protect our kim jongdae from haters who trying to be hurt kim jongdae!

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for SMTOWN, we beg you to protect our kim jongdae from the attack of haters who try to hurt kim jongdae, we as fans plead very strongly, for SMTOWN to be strict and legal haters against our idol, kim jongdae. we can't do much and just by writing this petition we can all act, so please act now to protect our kim jongdae. we will not stop demanding SMTOWN until you act decisively to resolve this issue. There is nothing wrong with a marriage, it is the right of every idol. we as fans do not want to see our idols continually being hurt, whether physical or in words. and for SMTOWN, only you from the agency we exol hope to be able to resolve this problem, please protect Kim Jongdae, protect Kim Jongdae. give criminal law to haters who are trying to hurt him. do not give disappointment to us as exol for the attitude of SMTOWN that does not care about this. and we don't want kim jongdae to leave exo, until whenever exo is nine. provide the best service for our idols, we beg. we love them so much, don't hurt them, don't hurt us too exol. PLEASE JUSTICE AND PROTECTION FOR KIM JONGDAE AS WELL AS ALL THE EXO MEMBERS THAT WE LOVE. PROTECT OUR KIM JONGDAE, PROTECT OUR KIM JONGDAE, PROTECT THEM ALL. WE'RE VERY ANGRY IF SMTOWN IS LOOKING LIKE THIS TO OUR IDOLA! #PROTECTOURKIMJONGDAE