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Prostitution is technically illegal but widely practiced in India. In another count in all of India, there are as many as 10 million commercial sex workers. Many teenage girls turn to prostitution to raise money for their families or out of need for money to deal with a debt or a problem related to their husbands. Some village girls are tricked into entering the trade in the cities with promises of good money or another kind of job. One survey found that a third of all prostitute enter the trade because of poverty and more than a forth become prostitutes after marital problems.

India may have half a million children in brothels, more than any other country in the world. Many are barely in their teens. A shocking number have HIV. No children enter the prostitution trade on their free will. Some are runaways or victims of abuse. Other have been sold by their parents, abducted or enticed by gifts. There are stiff penalties for child trafficking but the laws are rarely enforced. In India, UNICEF and ECPAT criticise the authorities for not enforcing the child trafficking laws.Human trafficking have caused a demonic commodification of helpless girls who are often sold into this trade.

Therefore, prostitution is inherently abusive, and a cause and a consequence of women’s inequality. The poor and hapless women, who were exploited and abused by society, would be re-integrated into the social mainstream by this unique initiative.If prostitution is “sex work”, then by its own logic, rape is merely theft. The inside of a woman’s body should never be viewed as a workplace. That's why for the sake of goodness and morality, no one should be paid for sex.

If prostitution is “sex work”, then by its own logic, rape is merely theft.

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