डॉ. प्रियंका के हत्यारों को जिंदा जलाओ चौराहों पर

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All the females working hard day and night so as to contribute to the community and nation building, it is very difficult now a days to continue their work because of some demons roaming freely out there. Dr Priyanka, age 26 was going to her home from her workplace. Midway her vehicle got punctured as she told her sister Bhavya when she spoke to her approx at 9:15 pm. Also she told that there were loads of truck and unknown men and she was scared. Bhavya also asked her to leave her vehicle there and come back. After some time when she called her back her phone was switched off. Next day i.e. 28th November 2019, her body was found badly burnt in Shadnagar, 30 km away below an underbridge.

This brutal act was one of many such crimes which are happening on the daily basis in our country. A humble request to all who can make some changes, to please take one step against such henious crimes.