Eliminate Tobacco from your life before it eliminates YOU

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The use of tobacco is alarmingly increasing on a global level. It is a leading preventable cause of death and accounts for about six million worldwide deaths. These numbers are expected to proliferate up to 8 million by 2030. India alone accounts for approximately 1 million annual tobacco deaths. Along with cigarette smoking, India faces additional burden of tobacco use due to the extensive use of smokeless forms of tobacco. The following facts highlight the harsh reality associated with Tobacco use in India -

  • 40% of all cancers,90% of oral cancers, 40% of TB cases and 20-30% of diabetes,hypertension,brain stoke,heart attack are directly linked to tobacco use in India
  • India bears more than 1000 Billion Rupees worth economical losses because of tobacco habits annually
  • E-cigarette and hookah smoking (including herbal hookah) are growing at a substantially high rate in India and are even more hazardous.

Tobacco addiction is a gateway of all kinds of drug abuse. In all forms, tobacco consumption not only causes harm to you but your loved ones too. Passive smoking (second hand smoking) equally invites all ill effects & is even more harmful.

If you are a smoker/tobacco user I urge you to re-think the course of your life. QUIT TOBACCO NOW and embrace a healthy life.

 If you know somebody who smokes or consumes tobacco, initiate a change in their lives this new year. 

Sign this petition to pledge to refrain from tobacco and help at least one person to quit tobacco in 2018, also urge each quitter to help another person to quit. Let this chain grow with each passing day in public health interest.



-Dr. S.K. Arora, Additional Director Health (Govt. of Delhi)