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Petitioning Smithtown Supervisor Supervisor Patrick Vecchio and 24 others

Smithtown Hall Representatives, Shut down all companies that do not comply with current town codes.

The once-peaceful, residential nature of the area immediately surrounding Lawrence Road and Old Northport Road has changed dramatically over the last two years. Land at the southwest corner of that intersection, zoned only for residential and light-industrial use, is being used for organic waste composting, truck storage, sand mining, construction debris processing, rock crushing, heavy equipment storage, etc. - “heavy industrial” uses that clearly violate Town zoning for those properties. The Town’s acquiescence toward these violations has led to pollution in our air, deterioration on our roads, intolerable noise at all hours, along with many tangible threats to the health and safety of the thousands of people who either live, work or attend school within just a few blocks of that intersection.

Our children are a short distance away from chemical irritants, massive trucks, huge roadside ditches, and dust clouds rising from KPEII, containing who knows what. Smithtown High School West - .04 miles away; Accompsett Middle School - .04 miles away; Parkview Elementary School .08 miles away; Kings Park High School – 1 mile away.

Unfortunately, to further their money-making at the expense of our environment and health, the violating businesses at that corner have been lobbying our government officials to make our community a de facto Heavy Industry Zone. The offending business are: Jezco Containers, LLC AKA: Town Country and State at 1 Lawrence Road, Kings Park, NY 11754, KPE/Heinlein at 110 Old Northport Road, Kings Park, NY 11754, and USA Recycling at 499 Lawrence Road Kings Park, NY 11754 . These businesses already represent major dangers on many fronts; such a change would lead to drastic consequences for all area residents. Because these businesses clearly violate Town zoning, the Town has the ability – the obligation - to close these businesses down NOW. The Town’s failure to do so is irresponsible, dangerous and simply unacceptable.

Now is the time to act! We can no longer accept these conditions in our neighborhood. We want our Town Board to institute immediate legal action to shut down all nonconforming users/uses that do not comply with current Town Code.

Help us make our community a healthier and safer place by telling Town Supervisor Patrick Vecchio, Councilman Robert Creighton, Councilman Thomas McCarthy, Councilman Kevin Malloy, Councilman Edward Werheim, Smithtown Town Attorney John Zollo, and Smithtown Planning Director Frank DeRubeis, that enough is enough. Each of these politicians must learn that they work for us, and that we will no longer accept the existing state of affairs.


Letter to
Smithtown Supervisor Supervisor Patrick Vecchio
Leader Senior Enforcement Team Leonard Grossman
Chairperson for The Suffolk County Republican Party John Jay LaValle
and 22 others
Chairman New York Republican State Committee Edward F. Cox
Senator John J. Flanagan
Assemblyman Michael F. Fitzpatrick
Regional Administrator U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Judith Enck
Representative Pete King
U.S. Senate
New York State House
New York State Senate
Investigations Division Supervisor Joseph Nowotny
Ordinance Inspector Angus Graham
DEC Representative Region 1 Timothy Huss
Smithtown N.Y. Councilman Robert Creighton
Smithtown N.Y. Councilman Kevin Malloy
Smithtown N.Y. Councilman Edward Werheim
Smithtown N.Y. Councilman Thomas McCarthy
Smithtown Planning Director Frank DeRubeis
Smithtown Attorney John Zollo
Regional Director Region 1 Peter Scully
DEC Representative Region 1 Ajay Shah
DEC Representative Region 1 Bill Fonda
DEC Representative Region 1 Syed Rahman
New York Governor
Shut down all companies that do not comply with current Town Zone Codes and stop criminal activities now!