Reunite Bei Bei with his mother Mei Xiang

Reunite Bei Bei with his mother Mei Xiang

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Monday 6 March 2017

We are gathering as one voice to petition The National Zoo to immediately reunite giant panda cub Bei Bei with his mother Mei Xiang.

The two were forcibly separated one week ago and have been vocalizing, pacing, not eating and visibly stressed.  They have been calling to each other and literally climbing walls (and trees) to try get to one another.

Many of us have seen in person how stressed these two beautiful animals have been.  Others have followed the forced separation on Facebook, YouTube and the panda cam.

I myself visited The National Zoo on Saturday 4 March 2017 and it was one of the worst days of my life.  Listening to Bei Bei and Mei Xiang's cries was horrible.  Seeing Bei Bei listless in his chute and hearing him call for his Mummy was heartbreaking.  Seeing Mei Xiang constantly pacing, trying to find an opening in the wall, and hearing her bleating was also heartbreaking.  Many other people there were upset, sad and angry.  After 2 hours, I could no longer stand it and I had to leave.  The fact that this could all be avoided makes it even worse.

Bei Bei is a Mummy's boy who is much more attached to his mother and less independent than either of his siblings.  He also went through surgery in November 2016.  And right up until the forced separation (the night before) he was still nursing.

He needs more time with his mother.  And she needs more time with him.  We have all seen the special bond they share over the many months we have viewed them (both in person and on the panda cam) ever since Bei Bei was born in August 2015.

It breaks our hearts to see these two beautiful creatures apart from each other, especially knowing that just by a flick of a switch, a door could open and the two could be reunited.  It pains us to see that humans are forcibly keeping them apart and causing their stress.

Please, please, please do the right thing and end this cruelty and suffering by immediately reuniting Bei Bei and his mother Mei Xiang.