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Smart Phone with no internet access for families

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Some families and people want a smart phone, but want one with no internet access. There are many apps and mobile companies that offer temporary solutions to blocking and restricting the internet off phones. However, because Wi-Fi and data are built in on the phone as a basic device function, there are back routes right now. These back routes include creating a new ITunes account on you IPhone, doing a factory restart on your Smart Phone (holding down the volume up and power button) and much more. Also, restrictions on the actual device won’t cover Wi-Fi and cellular data. Wi-Fi nor cellular data can be managed through restrictions because those are basic device functions. Some users want to enjoy a Smart Phone with the Smart Phone design with only TALK and TEXT.

Many families, parents, seniors, people with disabilities, and others want complete administrative control over the internet on their phone with no back routes. This petition is for a smart phone company to design a smart phone that allows complete control over ALL features of shutting off the internet access with no back routes or not having internet access at all on the phone. This phone will look like the rest of them and function like the rest of them so it will appeal to children, as well as others who want it but are embarrassed to buy a phone that looks different.

This petition is for Apple or Samsung to create a Smart Phone this year with basic functions of only talk and text. (NO INTERNET and NO APPS). With over 5 million searches on google alone, of this exact concern, I am confident they can hear this petition more clearly if it reaches them loud and clear. Plus, it would be great if they were the first smart phone company with these capabilities. There are flip phones that offer text and call, however, people are researching a smart phone! A smart phone that looks (actually is) the same as a normal one but with basic device functions of no internet or complete control on allowing/not allowing any internet access in any way.

For many families, they are looking for a permanent solution to being safe on their phones with no back routes. A Smart Phone company needs to design a Smart Phone that has parental controls over ALL functions of the phone, specifically mobile data and Wi-Fi for access to the internet; without being over ridden by the dependent through any mean of creating a new account, a factory restart or other tech savvy ways. This means that capabilities to use apps, use Wi-Fi and mobile data is in complete control of the Parent/Registered Owner through the iPhone device itself, and not a third party app, carrier or company. In addition, these administrative changes will remain in effect even in a factory restart of the phone. The parent will buy the iPhone for the dependent and in order for the dependent to gain access to the internet, Wi-Fi, apps, or mobile data they must go through the Parent who is the Registered Owner/Administrator of the device for example.

The Registered Owner of the Smart Phone needs to have complete control over all features, apps, settings, factory restart, accounts and access to the phone itself. Right now, all Smart Phone company’s offers is control through the restrictions settings, but it can be over ridden through creating a new ITunes account or doing your own factory restart. There are third party apps and companies, however, because Wi-Fi and cellular data are basic functions of the phone, this is limited. Please sign this petition so THIS can change RIGHT AWAY for families and many other people!!


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