Stop Livermore Airport Expansion to allow B737s. Reduce small plane noise over Trivalley

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Livermore Municipal Airport is a small airport nestled between the towns of Pleasanton, Dublin and Livermore. Over the past several years air traffic has steadily increased and especially so in 2020.

On 02/08/21 Livermore airport commission unanimously approved Kaiser Air's charter service of B737s to operate out of Livermore along with further expansion of the airport. This greatly increases concerns of neighbors who are already worried about high level of low altitude flights over their neighborhoods. 

Certain neighborhoods of Dublin, Livermore and Pleasanton seem to be in the take off or landing approaches to the airport.  With increasing air traffic more and more planes are not compliant with the FAA designated flight path resulting in noise throughout the day (sometimes starting as early as 6 AM). Weekends are far worse with constant noise throughout the day. In addition to noise many aircraft also fly at low altitudes over homes. The take off and landing path also seems be over schools in Dublin and Pleasanton. This results not only in an unsafe situation in case of emergencies but also increasingly distracting to students many of whom already have lower level of focus due to remote learning.

Livermore noise complaint line is not manned and there is also no easy way to report this online. The noise line also places undue burden on the residents to report not just the time and location but also requests plane type, license plate etc. For resident who is not aviation savvy this is a difficult task. 

After talking to the Livermore Airport Noise Complaint department and their Airport division manager we have discovered that a noise study has not been conducted for the past 5 years (Although one is suggested every 2 years).The new one is planned to take place in April. Residents of several areas of Dublin, Livermore and Pleasanton request that the areas below included in the study.  

These areas affected are as follows

1) Pleasanton Meadows 2) California Terrace 3) Walnut Glen 4) Stoneridge 5) Pleasanton Village 6) Del Prado 7) The Gates 8) Dublin Ranch 9) Jordan Ranch 10) Montage 11) Copper Hill 12) Isabel Avenue area 13) Somerset 14) C.A. Ranch 15) Sun Valley 16) Al Caffadio Park 17) May Nissen Park 18) The Reserve 19) Vista Meadows 20) Montrose 21) Arroyo Las Positas 22) Town square

The neighbors in Dublin, Livermore and Pleasanton are requesting the following

1)  No further expansion of Livermore airport and additional fixed base operators/large jet operations. Specifically stop the expansion of LVK airport. Let it remain a small plane terminal. 

2) A plan to ensure safety of people living in Dublin, Livermore and Pleasanton. Safety in air and on ground is a priority and a plan is needed especially in case of emergency situation with planes. With the new expansion plans Kaiser air plans on bringing in B737s right over our homes and schools!!!

3) As far as possible to follow the FAA prescribed map for take off and landing for small planes which clearly shows neighborhoods in Pleasanton, Dublin and Livermore to avoid. This seems to be followed very inconsistently and sporadically. 

4) A plan to limit the amount of planes training right over the neighborhoods of Pleasanton, Dublin and Livermore mentioned above, especially at low altitudes. Several planes perform multiple touch and go maneuvers repeatedly, leading to constant circling over the neighborhoods. 

5) A revised plan for noise abatement. Current noise abatement plan is no longer effective especially during school hours.

We understand many aviation enthusiasts are passionate about flying and more flights are a part of growth in the region. We would like to be supportive to small plane operators and work on a community outreach program so that aviation enthusiasts can work with residents to develop a plan for items 3) through 5). This way pilots can continue enjoying their small planes and the neighborhood can continue be safe and pleasant. 

FBOs (Fixed Based Operations) such as Kasier Air's 737 would drive significantly higher air traffic in the area, lower property values, increase noise & air pollution, raise safety concerns and significantly lower quality of life in the tri-valley area. Thus we are requesting the city of Livermore (council and planning commission) to not approve further expansion of the airport.

A broader discussion with city council of all three cities (Pleasanton, Dublin and Livermore) is necessary to figure out a solution. 

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