Make Current Nct Dream Line-Up a Permanent Sub-Unit

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NCT Dream is a sub unit of the boy group NCT, which debuted on August 24th 2016 with the song "Chewing Gum". The current line up consists of Mark Lee, Huang Renjun, Lee Donghyuck, Lee Jeno, Na Jaemin, Zhong Chenle and Park Jisung, all born between the years 1999 and 2002. The boys have grown extremely close over the past two years, however Jaemin had to go on a hiatus that lasted over a year, so therefore he only came back in their latest release. None of the members except Mark and Donghyuck are currently in a fixed unit, therefore once the members 'graduate' from dream, they will have to wait until they're put into a new unit or there's a chance of them not debuting in a fixed group ever.

We want, as fans, to make sure that they are happy and still together, and being in a fixed unit would mean that they have a somewhat stable place, and we still would like to see how the original concept of Dream we'd like to see them debuting as a seperate sub unit. Please sign this petition, and hope for SM Entertainment to notice.

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