Make it illegal for dogs to live on chains

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I hope to eliminate the unnecessary abuse that dogs face by being left in yards with only a chain securing them to a certain spot. 

People find this excusable because they are leaving their pet in a secure area so they can not escape. What some do not realize that by doing this, they are only giving their pets a small space to roam in, which is also leaving them exposed to the elements, attack by other animals, and potentially hurting themselves in another way because they can't get off of a chain. 

Dogs that are left on chains at all times are not able to play, and the lack of simulation can be as detrimental for them as it can be for humans. Eventually, causing the dogs to be harmful to themselves or others. 

There are many misconceptions attached to the idea that leaving dogs to live their lives out on a chain is acceptable, when it is absolutely not. Missouri does not have any laws that protect the dogs that are being impacted by this decision brought on by their owners who don't care or don't know any better. By creating a leash law, and making it a part of the law that dogs need to have a certain amount of space to roam, and explore, not only will the dogs be in better health, but the risk for dogs harming themselves and others should go down. 

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