Slow Down Spring Lane's Life-Threatening Speeders & Reckless Drivers

Slow Down Spring Lane's Life-Threatening Speeders & Reckless Drivers

April 6, 2022
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Why this petition matters

1. Spring Lane has Two Schools and a 20 MPH School Zone

2. Spring Lane is a residential neighborhood 

3. Spring Lane is home to many elderly Individuals that have lived in the neighborhood for decades.

4. Spring Lane is a popular dog walking, pedestrian walking, cycling, jogging area.

5. Spring Lane is home to several small children & families.

6. Many pets live along Spring Lane; many pets have been run over by cars on Spring Lane and killed by speeders.

7. Spring Lane is being used as a short cut by non-residence individuals daily and is seeing an increase in traffic count year over year.

8. Holladay is opening a new mall on Highland Drive. Spring Lane will soon see even more speeding abuse.

9. Speeders don't respect the elderly, the children, the pets, the walkers, the joggers, or the school zone signage. 

10. Speeders daily drive down Spring Lane, a 25 mph and 20 mph posted zone, in travel often excess of 45, even 50 mph. Residence have seen reckless drivers go upwards of 65 and 70 mph.  

11. Speeders are often seen texting and driving on Spring Lane. 

12. Speeders do not obey any traffic signage, so the signage and speed zones are ineffective.

13. Police cannot always be patrolling Spring Lane on a 24-hour basis; therefore, structural changes need to occur to restore safety back to the community on Spring Lane.


The above items are facts, and Spring Lane is no longer safe for the residents of Holladay that live, attend school, church or recreate along Spring Lane or the surrounding streets.  An independent study is being privately funded and conducted on Spring Lane and that data will be presented to the City of Holladay.

We, the undersigned, hereby petition Holladay City Council to pass and urgently implement the following items to restore safety to Spring Lane:

1. Fund and Conduct a Traffic Study for both traffic count and speed or review and accept the findings of the independent privately funded study being conducted this Spring.

1 B. City of Holladay shall Review Further Traffic Calming Measures for Spring Lane and other at-risk neighborhood streets by using environmental adjustments to force motorists to pay attention. (Review, Fund, Design & Engineer a Traffic Calming Program for Spring Lane. This can include the following: Furnish and Install Traffic Cushions near school and church zones, illuminated signage Four Way Stop at intersection of Gurene Drive and Spring Lane, staggered speed humps, chicanes, circles, chokers, cut through reduction, illuminated walk paths for evening foot traffic and cyclists, other traffic calming measures)

2. Consider Reducing the Speed Limit to 20 MPH on all of Spring Lane and Reduce the speed limit to 15 MPH in the school and church zones. Twenty is Plenty.

3. Install Two Additional Speed Monitor Radar Signs and/or a SLC Unified Police Dept Traffic Monitor.

4. Increase a police presence and implement a strong traffic ticketing program on Spring Lane.

5. Install on road flashing lights at cross walks and reflective lane paint/markings clearly and brightly delineating the crosswalks.

Our concern is for the safety of pedestrians, residents and the quality of life.

Thank you, the undersigned,

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Signatures: 361Next Goal: 500
Support now