Slovakia: Indian Attacked/Charged With Murder. UPDATE: "Not Guilty" but Verdict Appealed

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An Indian man is attacked on October 7th, 2017 by 3 white men, fights back in self-defense only after the threat to his life is escalated by kicks and punches, then is charged with First Degree Murder while his attackers go free.

This happened in Bratislava, Slovakia next to the U.S. and German Embassies.

Racially motivated attacks are not rare, and in this case, even though the Slovak judge and prosecution have the video footage and witness testimonies, the victim is still the one charged.

The Slovak people are shielded from the truth.  The video shows one story < > but the news sells a different story.

By supporting this petition, you will not only give hope to this man, but you will give hope to his family that he will finally be freed and come home.

There is also hope that the Slovak courts will not continue to be swayed by racist public opinion and tabloids but lean toward true justice for victims of Hate Crimes.

There is also hope that the attackers will be held accountable for the Hate Crime they committed against this man.

I humbly urge you to support and share this petition to show this man and his family that they are not alone...that there is hope.



Mr. Timothy received the verdict "Not Guilty" today and was sent home finally after 1 year and 1 week in custody. This is a major victory and we thank the Lord.  The Prosecutor has appealed the decision so the case will go to the higher courts in Slovakia.  Please keep sharing and supporting this petition as we prepare for the next trial.


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