Slovak Foreigner's Police Department should treat ALL foreigners equally

Slovak Foreigner's Police Department should treat ALL foreigners equally

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Started by Martin Linkov

By providing exclusivity to Ukrainian nationals and ignoring all other nationalities in Slovakia, the Slovak Foreigner's police department discriminates and creates unnecessary tension and problems for people who would like to just proceed with their normal lives. There are also people of other nationalities fleeing the war zone and seeking refuge in Slovakia. By excluding them, the government discriminates further. Ukrainian nationals are war refugees, non-Ukrainians are just foreigners.

By excluding other nationalities from their services the foreign police makes it impossible to renew a document, or to apply for a new one. This creates issues with work permits, mortgages, bank loans, even limiting free movement of non-EU nationals. While we understand there is a crisis, serving only one nationality is violation of basic laws and principles. Lack of modernization and digitalization of the services provided by the foreign police are the main reasons for slow service and long waiting times.

There are many services for document verification and many ways to securely send and receive documents. The Slovak nation should be learning from the Estonian and strive to provide better and electronic-first services and not limit an already slow service.

While it is true that desperate times require desperate measures, a measure of limiting a service is not a measure at all. Additional Foreigner's Police offices, closer to the Ukrainian or directly at the Ukrainian border - are. Extended working hours of the Foreigner's Police offices, extended admission days (Saturday, Sunday) - these are meaningful measures. Denial of services is not a measure, it is an act, an admission of desperation.

Non-ukrainian foreigners, who have been donating to and helping the Ukrainian refugees find themselves in the peculiar situation to be unable to continue to do so, because of inability to renew their residence permit and / or get a new one, or open a bank account, among many other potential issues.

439 have signed. Let’s get to 500!