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Petitioning Superintendent Mitch Walton and 7 others

Sloan-Hendrix School District Board: reinvite Bryant Huddleston to speak at the high school graduation and consider firing Superindendent Mitch Walton

Superintendent Mitch Walton rescinded an invitation to speak at Sloan-Hendrix High's graduation ceremony based on the sole fact that the speaker, Bryant Huddleston, is gay. Huddleston, class of 1990, is the former student council president at Sloan-Hendrix, a successful television writer and producer, and his sister is one of this year's graduates. In other words, the ideal graduation speaker. Superintendent Walton's bigoted actions are unacceptable and embarrassing to all Arkansans.

Letter to
Superintendent Mitch Walton
School Board Member Aaron Murphy
School Board Member Preston Clark
and 5 others
School Board President Steve Huddleston
School Board Member Shane Dail
School Board Member Robert Stallings
High School Principal Clifford Rorex
Federal Coordinator Mike Baker
Please reinvite Bryant Huddleston to speak at the high school graduation. Mr. Huddleston can serve as an inspiration to this year's graduates, and excluding him on bigoted grounds is unacceptable. All conscientious Arkansans are rightfully ashamed and embarrassed by the recent school board actions. We, the undersigned, ask you to reinvite Mr. Huddleston to serve as graduation speaker and consider firing Superintendent Mitch Walton.

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