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Unban Yoga Pants and Leggings

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I have started this petition  to express my distaste towards the recent dress code changes at Skyview High School, regarding the banning of yoga pants and leggings. 

I would like to state that I wear neither. This is simply an unbiased opinion from the community. This important to me because it increases the level of sexism I’ve seen at the school. The strict rules for girls and the mediocre and almost nonexistent rules for boys tells me that Skyview holds a man’s education above a woman’s, and I will address more on this later.

The only argument I’ve seen against the wearing of this clothing, is that is emphasizes the posterior of a woman, which may be distracting to students at the school. To address this, I would firstly like to state that the main purpose of yoga pants and leggings, is comfort. We don’t put them on as a fashion symbol or to look sexy, we put them on to be comfortable. We put on these articles of clothing because we don’t want to SQUEEZE into tight jeans at six in the morning, and because it shouldn’t be a necessity to dress up for education.

Public schools are public for a reason. We choose what we wear as an expression of ourselves, not for our opinions or choices to be censored. These rules are limiting our creativity and telling us we can’t express ourselves as a form of art. If my peers are so distracted by the presence of a butt in a room, then they are the ones with the problem and need some serious adjustments to maturity levels.Instead of punishing us for something that’s not our fault, how about we teach men to have more respect for women? To not treat us as a sexualized object?Why should we feel guilty for what the other gender does? This message that you’re sending is why women are often blamed for sexual assault by men. It gives the impression to boys that their behavior is excusable. You punish us for our show of our sexuality. If we start blaming girls for their gender counterparts not receiving an education, women are eventually going to be stuffed back indoors. This sexualizes girls from a young age and teaches us that our body is something to hide. Dress codes were enacted to keep girls covered because being a female is distracting, and so boys can learn better. We are forced to apologize for having the body parts we were born with and teaches us that a man’s education is more important than a woman’s.

Additionally, do you ever think about how the girls feel? Imagine the thoughts that go across our mind when we are persecuted for wearing items of clothing because we deem them comfortable. We feel violated, as though we are less important than guys at the school.

Skinny jeans are just as form fitting and they’re still allowed. The only difference is the material in which they were made, spandex and denim.

Ban on leggings today, ban on dresses tomorrow, and who knows, we’ll probably be wearing burqas next week.

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