Petition Closed

Bernadette Schwenn faces up to 9 years in jail for animal abuse.  We want our elected officials to push for the maximum sentence. 

Letter to
Riverside County Supervisor Supervisor John Benoit
Public Information Officer District Attorney John Hall (Public Information Officer District Attorney)
John Welsh
and 10 others
Riverside County Supervisor Supervisor John Benoit
Riverside County Board of Supervisors Marion Ashley
Riverside County Board of Supervisors Jeff Stone
Riverside County Board of Supervisors John Tavaglione
Riverside County Board of Supervisors Kevin Jeffries
Communications Director for Supervisor John Benoit Darin A. Schemmer
Field Services Commander- Riverside Animal Services Rita Gutierrez
Riverside Animal Control Robert Miller
Riverside Sheriffs Department Stan Sniff
Riverside County District Attorney Paul Zellerbach (Riverside County District Attorney)
We, the undersigned residents of the Dillon Corridor section of Riverside County District 4 and constituents of Supervisor John Benoit petition the Supervisor to act on our behalf to help in making sure that Bernadette Schwenn gets the maximum amount of jail time possible and prevent her from ever possessing or coming into contact with another animal ever. Schwenn has affected our neighborhood for decades and we want her stopped for good.

We set forth the following for your consideration and petition you to take these actions IMMEDIATELY:

1. Apply pressure to the District Attorney to seek the maximum sentence possible and not to waiver.

2. Apply pressure to law enforcement to continue to obtain the appropriate legal clearances to search and seize all animals on or around Mary Bernadette Schwenns property at any time due to the numerous sightings of dogs at the property even after the round-up on July 25th.

3. Demand that the DA search for mass dog graves as part of the investigation. We are concerned the parcel may be a dumping ground of remains.

4. Your liaison to the Sky Valley Community Council, Mike Gialdini, is scheduled to report on the Fan Canyon dog situation at the September 10 meeting of that Council. Direct him to bring us concrete results from these requests at that time.