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Skullcandy: Don't Kill Cats by Encouraging Use of Toxic Spray Paint on Them

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Included in with the packaging of your products is a stencil that can be used to paint your logo onto various products. With the instructions there are images of the logo painted on the drawings of various items, including on a cat. While we appreciate your attempt at gaining brand recognition, we are not sure you recognize the full impact of your marketing.

Spray painting anything on any animal can be considered a legal infraction of both "Cruelty to Animals" and "Destruction of Personal Property". Besides the legal implications, a more important issue is the moral ramification. A cat (or any animal for that matter) is not an object. They are sentient beings fully capable of feeling pain and fear. They are dependent upon us to take care of them. You would not think of painting a logo on a child and the depiction of doing so on a cat is just as deplorable. Painting a cat would not only subject the animal to fear (unlike an object, a cat would need to be immobilized in order to paint the image on theim causing fear and distress to the cat) but you are also exposing the cat to fumes and chemicals that are at the least, damaging to their immune system and potentially toxic to the animal as well.

There is an estimated 82 million cats who fill the role as companions in the US alone. With the advent of social media, more and more individuals are playing an active role in protecting animals from harm as well as spreading the word when animal cruelty exists to bring an end to the practice. Considering this information, we believe it would be in your best interest to remove the image of the cat who has had your logo painted on it and help to take a stand in the protection of our companion animals.

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