Replace the Skowhegan Fair pig scramble

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Please sign this petition to replace the annual "pig scramble" at the Skowhegan (Maine) State Fair with a more humane activity for children.

Allowing excited children to chase baby pigs, jump on them, grab them, and stuff them into a bag is permitting children to terrify an animal with the added possibility of physically hurting one. That should not be the example we are setting for our children. Pigs are sensitive, intelligent animals, who feel fear, pain and suffering very much the way humans do. Why should pigs or any defenseless animal be treated with such disrespect and abuse? Pig scrambles encourage bullying and cruelty, even if that is not the intention. Doing it says, "I’m bigger and stronger than you are, so I’m going to chase you, grab you and stuff you in a sack because I can." It's so much better to love baby pigs, instead, for the innocent animals that they are.
Many people have a difficult time letting go of an antiquated "tradition," admitting that it has been a mistake and replacing it with another activity. We can stop terrorizing piglets in the name of "fun” and at the same time teach our kids a very valuable lesson. Animals are not objects to be tormented for our amusement.
Kindness toward animals teaches kindness toward humans.

Pig scrambles need to end.