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The skinning of a live, conscious animal, for any reason, is unacceptably brutal, cruel, and inhumane. The terror and unimaginable pain inflicted upon fur-bearing animals that are skinned alive is highly offensive, and against all human honor and decency; this method of obtaining fur is a UNIVERSAL WRONG.

Each year over 50 million fur-bearing animals in China suffer the torture of being skinned while alive, conscious and crying out for mercy (22 million of these fur-bearing animals happen to be domesticated dogs and cats).  After being skinned alive, the animal can live up to 10 minutes before the mercy of death comes; the animal is thrown into a  "dying pile" atop others that have just gone before him. 

Animals are skinned while alive because the fur is said to "come off easier" with an intact blood supply; but there is simply NO EXCUSE for this kind of unthinkable cruelty to innocent, defenseless animals.  The fur industry is not willing to invest any money or invest in any technology, such as a stun gun, to render the animal unconscious before the skinning takes place.  Ideally, people would not buy fur. fashion designers would not include fur in their clothing lines, and celebrities like Jennifer Lopez would not push fur on young, impressionable girls with her fashion line called 'SWEETFACE', and ideally the fur industry would dry up and become another relic from the dark ages, BUT THAT IS NOT THE CURRENT REALITY; so we ask the billion dollar fur industry to, at the very least, develop humane methods of slaughter like the captive-bolt pistol IMMEDIATELY and STOP SKINNING ANIMALS WHO ARE ALIVE AND CONSCIOUS NOW!   


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