Skatepark widnes

Skatepark widnes

8 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Daz Roberts

Could your child be the next olympic gold medalist?

Does your child need some where to ride there Skateboard,bike,scooter,roller blades in a safe environment?

Skateboarding has recently become an Olympic sport and us Britain's lack the facilities to train and progress without having to travel miles and miles for the obstacles needed to train,

Manchester has greystone action facility built for Olympic training this is it unless your willing to travel across the country your very limited,

Liverpool has the largest indoor skatepark in Europe but it isn't built for Olympic style training, it has 5 outdoor parks which are great but what I am proposing is a super park!,

Down south have oxhey which is the picture used for inspiration at the top.

In widnes we have Victoria Park which is a beautifull place it's kept trim and tidy and has plenty of features for young children,

Unfortunately the skatepark itself has not been maintained well at all, ramps have had chunks cut out then the hole filled poorly, the joins to the floor are janky and rough and some have a little lip that can stop your wheel to make you fall, the floor is so rough you could grate cheese on it, it doesn't matter how thick your clothing is it is still going to rip the skin, the ramps are way to biig for the kids to learn on properly and are mainly used as slides,

If this petition gains enough traction the aim is to have a place for people of all ages and people of all skill sets introducing a different type of culture and environment for the future generations to grow up in.

The proposed super park will consist of mini ramps to flow section, a plaza (Street obsticles) a snake run and a bowl and a pump track drainage flood lights and seating areas for spectators.

The plaza section will consist of stair sets hand rails ledges boxes hubbas hips gaps and more.  All in a layout starting small working there way up in size and difficulty all flowing and working with each other to help maximise the space used and make it as fun as possible with quirky little qauter pipes dotted round and pump humps for speed

The snake run well ots self explanitory it will run down with pump humps and jump boxes leading into a bowl at the end, all in the shape of a snake curling and slithering 

For the flow and pump track it will run around the outside of the park like a velodrome,

As a avid skater from a child I am proud to say that skateboarding and somewhere to do it saved my life in many ways, it gave me a way to vent that was socially acceptable,time to think and taught to persevere, it gave me a hobby and kept me out of trouble and I made alot of good freinds along the way from all walks of life from every corner of the world, all brought together over the passion of a sport and for this I am a better person.

I don't just want a park built I would like to build a community a safe place for people to go enjoy themselves and excersise and come together.


Thank you for reading this have a lovley day 

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Signatures: 24Next Goal: 25
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