Skanderbeg - The Albanian General Who Deserves His Own Movie From Hollywood

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As an Albanian, Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg (Iskender Bey - Lord Alexander) exemplifies everything my ancestors used to stand for. He was not only a brilliant tactician as the video explained, but also a man of high intelligence and morals.

 He was taken away from his family since a kid. He was raised by the Ottomans, trained by them, educated by them, given a career by them. And yet he did not forget his roots, his family, his people, and the massacres the Ottomans had committed towards Albanians. He could've just stayed there and ripped the benefits of being a Lord in the most powerful empire in the world. He could've had it all there, money power and glory. But he chose the hard way, the honorable way, of coming back home to his people and fighting against the conquers. He chose family. He chose freedom. He chose his true identity. And he fought heroically for 25 years and won, against all odds and enemies.

 To me, that's what makes him such an outstanding figure that inspires me as an Albanian even today in modern times. When he died and the Ottomans conquered us back, they got their revenge in a brutal way. Whole villages were exterminated. They beheaded the men one by one. This goes to show how much we had pissed them off. You see, in Greece and Serbia they were just invaders; in Albania they tried to assimilate us for 500 years.

Only 3 people were able to win against the Ottoman Empire: Vlad Dracula ( that in the end made the pact with Sultan), John Hunyadi ( he died before Skanderbeg) and Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg that remained alone and fought alone for a long time against one the most powerful empires of that time. For 25 years in row he prevented the Turkish Empire to conquer his lands. Only 10 years after his death Sultan Mehmed the Conquer (he conquered Constantinople in 1453 and, yet, he didn't manage to take the castle of Kruja, capital city of Skanderbeg, until 1478) managed to conquer his lands ("At last Europe and Asia are mine! Woe to Christendom! It has lost its sword and its shield." - Mehmed the Conqueror, on hearing news of Skanderbeg's death)

Have you ever heard of Albulena battle?

Albulena battle -Skanderbeg 20 000 troops vs Ottomans 100 000 troops  in a open field crash ended up with this result : Albanians 5000 dead while enemy 25 000 dead. Sulltan Murati II died of anxiety of defeat!

Battle of Albulena !!!!! How is this Battle unknown in the World ?! The Albanians where outnumbered 1 to 5, but they managed to DESTROY the Ottoman army.

Skanderbeg needs a Hollywood movie. He's the parallel of William Wallace, "Braveheart". Although, "Braveheart" was a Hollywood film and mostly fiction. Skanderbeg has been a real life hero and should not be compared to William Wallace, yet he hasn't his own movie, so the whole world could know one of the best Generals in history.

For sure Hollywood should make a movie of him.

Thumbs up for the real and the only one Albanian Warrior King.