SK: Help us to end the abhorrent cruelty and suffering of cats and dogs in your country!

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To the SK Group, 

SK is a diverse Korean company, and one of the largest conglomerates in your country.  You have many subsidiary and affiliate companies, many of them listed on Korea’s Stock Exchange; it is of great importance that your customers retain a positive image of your company, and your country.

But, the billion dollar Korean dog and cat meat trades, and the associated cruelty, are now common knowledge across the world.  Internationally, people are stating that they will not buy Korean goods or use Korean services, because of the shocking and brutal practices that are routinely being carried out within all parts of these abhorrent trades.

South Korea is the only country in the world which commercially farms cats and dogs for consumption.  Each year, many millions of animals are being bred and raised in large and ‘backyard’ farms all over your country; and they are kept with absolutely no regard for any animal welfare: in cramped, filthy, barren cages, exposed to all elements - living with unending fear and pain.

Finally, after all of this suffering, and because of ignorant Korean beliefs, these animals are condemned to hideous deaths by horrendous and deliberately prolonged methods of slaughter: inhumane and brutal methods, which are unnecessary, unacceptable, and illegal.

Despite continuous pleas, even from dedicated citizens within your own country, your Government does nothing to end this animal abuse - or even to monitor or enforce its own laws.  This is not the action of a 21stCentury, major economic world power, with a leading education system; this is not the action of a civilized nation.  This is a shameful denial of immoral behaviour that is rife within their society.

SK, you claim that you are trying to “create durable happiness”; you claim that you believe “that the warm hearts ... consist of happy Korea” - we urge you to stand by those claims and be proactive in this matter.  We implore you to stand up for what is right and for what will really make a ‘happy Korea’ - help bring an end to this suffering and cruelty.

If you truly wish “to be of help to Korea steadily OK! SK!”, then you must urge your government to act now: South Korea has to strengthen and enforce its animal protection laws, and it has to permanently ban the consumption of dog and cat meat. 


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