Six Senses Hotels, stop covering up my rape!

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My name is Anna. I am a journalist and a single mother from Moscow.

On May 4th, 2017, I was brutally raped at knifepoint by a hotel employee at Six Senses Zil Pasyon hotel in the Seychelles while on a work trip. 

I was attacked at night as I was sleeping in my room. I had never seen this person before. I don't know how he accessed my villa. The housekeeper said he had come to rape and kill me... I really thought I was going to die that night.

managed to escape only after 2 hours. I was trying to get help for 40 minutes, running as fast as I could around the hotel premises, nobody was on guard. Finally I found a staff member and reported the rape to Six Senses management.

What happened after that was like being raped again.

Despite all the evidence the hotel owners are still trying to cover everything up.

I am not a rich and famous Hollywood star or a multi-million dollar corporation that can afford an army of top lawyers. Nor do I have the rights and privileges of Western citizens. So when the hotel and Seychelles courts defame me as a Russian whore or KGB agent I feel powerless. But as much as they hope I will go away, I will not.

The incident has affected me enormously. I am still on post traumatic therapy, but no justice has been served. In may 2017 the court released the rapist on bail and he was later reported to police for another attempted rape, he was found naked in a house of a local woman. 

My case keeps being postponed, the evidence keeps disappearing, to me this is a clear case of a cover up. And what is most horrendous is that the owners and management keep victim blaming me for what had happened.

You’re a liar! A prostitute!” shouted at me defence attorney Basil Hoareau during the first hearing. 

I demand InterContinental Hotel Group, the owners of Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spa, to take responsibility, stop covering up the rape and ensure the full fair and transparent investigation into my case. 

I urge that InterContinental Hotel Group and Six Senses Hotels take the following actions:

1. Ensure full cooperation in bringing the perpetrator to justice and admitting full responsibility for the incident

2. Act as a responsible brand owner advocating for the security of guests and the reputation of hotel assets, inline with their approach of “Deep commitment to creating fundamental value and lasting impact for companies addressing sustainability and wellness”.

3. Introduce clear and obligatory procedures for Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spa management guiding both, employees and guests, on how to behave and what to do in case of a similar crisis.

Please sign my petition. We have time until February 22nd, when the next criminal court hearing of my case takes place. I really need as many people as possible to help me ensure they won't cancel or move it again. 

God knows how many other women that men attacked and how many other rape cases Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spa covers up.

The #MeToo and #TimesUp movement has inspired me and given me strength and I'm here to say #TimesUp for raping women in hotels and pretending it never happened.

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