Six Flags, don’t destroy Pinelands forest—put solar panels over parking lot.

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Six Flags, don’t destroy Pinelands forest—put solar panels over parking lot.

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The Six Flags Great Adventure’s solar power plant plan, in partnership with KDC Solar, is seeking to deforest 90 acres of ecologically critical land contiguous with two wildlife preserves and the Pinelands National Reserve, an internationally significant UN Biosphere Reserve, in order to install solar arrays to power the park.

While we commend Great Adventure’s effort to ‘go green’, cutting down a healthy Pinelands forest is not the way to go about it. Great Adventure has plenty of room for the panels to be installed over its numerous buildings and four parking lots, including a 100-acre main lot.

There are many reasons why this land should remain undisturbed:

  • It serves as water recharge area for the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer and holds headwaters to the Toms River and the Delaware River.
  • The forest serves as a water, air and noise pollution buffer between the Six Flags parks and residences.
  • It manages stormwater runoff far better than the turf grasses that are to be planted instead; the forest prevents water pollution, while the power plant will create it.
  • If Six Flags goes through with this plan, the populations of 13 Endangered, Protected and Of Concern wildlife species and roughly 1,500 common wildlife species with a habitat on the property will be virtually annihilated.
  • Safari animals are likely to be adversely impacted by the construction process and replacement of woods by an industrial power plant.
  • The trees that grow in this forest produce oxygen, absorb greenhouse gasses, and provide other environmental benefits that the solar panels can’t.

Additional details and concerns are outlined on

Dear Six Flags,

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation’s Statement on Ethics states that you are “committed to the principle of conducting business in a responsible, honest and ethical manner” and that “nothing less” than “the highest standards of business conduct” will do.

We, the citizens, are joining Clean Water Action, Crosswicks Creek / Doctors Creek Watershed Association, Environment New Jersey, NJ Conservation Foundation, Save Barnegat Bay, and the Sierra Club in calling on you to honor these words in deed.

Please do the right thing—put solar panels over the parking lot!

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This petition had 506 supporters

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