Call for reinstatement of BA course and Hostels at TISS Hyderabad

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Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad has been, for 8 years, churning the best minds. Despite being one of the few government funded undergraduate programmes offering quality social sciences education with an interdisciplinary approach, the institute decided to cancel the BA. Social Sciences programme without officially providing any reason . Being primarily funded by the Government, students from marginalised sectors could afford relatively, a social science programme which has a curriculum highly relevant for each person to become strongly-opinionated and question the rigid oppressive structure that has been normalised for so many years. Despite all the flaws- lack of proper infrastructure, expensive hostels with poorly cooked food, placement issues and most importantly, being an off-campus, TISS Hyderabad has taught each person to grow as better individuals and to preach and practice intersectionality. The students are 'troublesome' so the administration very conveniently scraped off the BA programme at a time when the students are in their home towns or involved in field work.

Neither the students nor the elected student body was informed of the decision to cancel the BA programme and to make the campus non-residential. The latter makes it harder for many students to complete their education without hostels. This move also comes right after a meeting was conducted with the authorities wherein the safety of the students was guaranteed in the future and nothing was mentioned about the recent announcements by the administration.The removal of this programme is a loss for many students who will need it, for themselves and for their communities.

We urge you to support us in our fight against this Injus-TISS.