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Please don't play in apartheid israel!


International Welsh superstar Tom Jones is scheduled to perform in Israel at Tel Aviv’s Nokia Arena on 26 October.

We say Why? Why? Why?

Israel is guilty of ongoing ethnic cleansing, land and water theft and stands accused of war crimes. It is the subject of several UN resolutions which it routinely ignores. Israel has illegally occupied the West Bank since 1967 and continues to impose a harsh blockade on Gaza, which even UK PM David Cameron has called the largest open air prison in the world.

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Peidiwch â gwyngalchu polisïau'r Israeliaid tuag at y Palesteiniaid, Syr Tom! 

Rydym ni wedi clywed eich bod chi'n bwriadu perfformio yn yr Arena Nokia yn Tel Aviv ar Hydref 26ain nesaf.  Mae hyn yn ein siomi'n fawr: mae'n groes i alwad y Palesteiniaid ar bobl y byd i foicotio Israel, nes iddi ufuddhau i'r gyfraith ryngwladol, hynny yw, peidio â cham-drin hawliau dynol y Palesteiniaid, unwaith ac am byth.  Rydym ni'n gwybod eich bod chi'n cefnogi hawliau dynol a chyfiawnder cymdeithasol yn hytrach nag apartheid ac anffafriaeth barhaol.  Rydym ni'n gofyn i chi, felly, ailfeddwl a pheidio perfformio yn Israel.


Cadwch eich enw da!     

Diolch yn Fawr



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Letter to
Sir Tom Jones
Annwyl Tom,

Please don't whitewash Israel’s apartheid policies against Palestinians!

Your show will breach the Palestinian call to boycott Israel until it complies with international law and ends its human rights abuses of the Palestinian people. A performance in Israel today is akin to a performance in apartheid South Africa. Tel Aviv is today's Sun City.

People in Wales - and everywhere - know you care about human rights and social justice, so we ask you to reconsider and to cancel your performance in Israel, especially as you signed a pledge not to play in South Africa during its apartheid era.

Did you know most Palestinians will not even be allowed to attend your concert?

It's important to stress that Israel regularly uses performances by international artists to counter criticism and produce a glitzy image for itself, when in fact it's a colonialist racist regime. Your performance will - whether you like it or not - be used by Israel to sanitise and divert attention from its war crimes and human rights violations.

Palestinians are treated as second class citizens in Israel and much worse in the Occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, not forgetting the ongoing illegal siege of Gaza, collective punishment of a captive civilian population in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Palestinians suffer a catalogue of human rights abuses at the hands of Israel, please don't validate this abuse with your name! Palestinian civil society has called for a boycott of apartheid Israel and many artists of conscience have refused to play there. We really hope you join this growing list.

Please reconsider and cancel your show in Israel!

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