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Help us put an end to Aquatic Marine Parks


The aquatic marine park industry is a profit hungry non compassionate enterprise. We will never stop things like the dolphin slaughter in Taiji as long as there are corporations willing to buy these animals. Instead of attempting to force one group at a time to stop the slaughter we need to remove their market. That way there will be no grounds for another group to just take their place. Cetaceans are intelligent mammals and should not be kept in conditions like they are. They should not be used for public entertainment or profit. They should not be forced into family groups they did not grow up with. They should not be forced to breed.


To Richard Branson:

Together we can end this industry. As a founder of the The Elders and an advocate for the environment and change you are in a perfect position to start this campaign. Virgin is an internationally recognised corporation and can make a massive impact on this venture by ceasing to promote places like Seaworld and Loro Parque. We could start a snowball effect across the globe and who better to be the pioneer of this change than yourself.

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