Prime Minister must complete their full term, do not change Prime Minister without Citizens Vote

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In past eight Years we have had 5 Prime Minister changes.

2013 Hon Tony Abbott was elected and midway replaced by then Communications Minister Hon Malcolm Turnbull 

2016 Hon Malcolm Turnbull took the lead and elected and midway challenged by Hon Peter Dutton and Hon Scott Morrison replaced and became the new Prime Minister and what is a guarantee that until the completion of the term and elections in 2019 Scott Morrison will not be challenged and not replaced.

Before elections respectives parties chooses a Representative as Prime Minister Candidate and their campaigns are around the chosen candidate, we the Citizens vote and then just middle of the term there is a change of Prime Minister, because the same party members donot trust their own selected candidate, this practice is not fair and our voting rights should be respected and this practice should be stopped.

We request Governor General, House Of Representatives, The Senates and Leaders of all major political parties to pass and approve a legislation or a law that once a Prime Minister is elected, they should complete their full term of Government and if any such situation arises elections must be called upon and Citizens must be given their basic rights of voting to elect new Prime Minister.

We the Citizens of Australia have voted and elected our Prime Minister, how can party politics be more important than Citizens.

Changes of the Prime Minister within a term is definitely impacts our economy, decision making patterns and of course unmeasured emotional impacts.

Please respect our rights.

Country first then internal political aspirations, please let Citizens decide their Prime Minister.

Stop this trend of 2-3 Prime Ministers in a term of 3 years, respect our history were we have had Prime Ministers like Robert Menzies who held the office twice, from 1939 to 1941 and from 1949 to 1966. Altogether Prime Minister for over 18 years, record term for an Australian Prime Minister.

18 years is a long term but we request elected Prime Minister to atleast complete full term of 3 years.

Hope that you understand our values of votes and will bring this change in place. 

Thank You