ITV, open inquiry in to Martin Bashir's conduct regarding 'Living With Michael Jackson'

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Following the conclusion of the BBC investigation into the conduct of Martin Bashir in acquiring and carrying out his exclusive interview with Princess Diana, we are calling on ITV chairman Sir Peter Bazalgette to open a public inquiry into how Martin Bashir and Granada secured Michael Jackson's participation for 'Living With Michael Jackson' which aired in 2003. 

When questioned as part of Jackson's 2005 trial, Bashir, through his legal representation refused to answer many questions posed by Jackson's defence team which highlighted potentially unethical practices, deceptive editing and manipulation. 

'Living With Michael Jackson' secured 15 million viewers for ITV and became the catalyst for many struggles that Jackson faced after its airing, including distorting the public's perception of Jackson, his home, his lifestyle and his associations. 

Through his own rebuttal, Jackson demonstrated Bashir's tactics for getting him discuss personal & sensitive topics. Now a full inquiry is needed to bring to light the full extent of Bashir's actions in securing the exclusive and his conduct throughout the programme which aired on ITV.