Inquiry into leaked Labour report must not be a right-wing stitch up

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Dear Keir Starmer,
Angela Rayner and National Executive Committee Officers,

As Labour members and supporters, we urge you to remove Baroness Wilcox from the panel.

You promised an independent and impartial inquiry. Based on Baroness Wilcox’s overtly factional social media activity, we have no confidence that this inquiry will be either independent or impartial if she is on the panel.

Baroness Wilcox‘s social media includes retweeting or liking attacks on Jeremy Corbyn and his leadership, support for Iain McNicol, and promotion of right wing factions Labour First and Progress and endorsements of their candidates in NEC elections. Iain McNicol and right-wing faction Labour First are at the centre of the injustices exposed by the leaked report.

This conflict of interest was not declared to the NEC and the NEC was not provided with the names of panel members in advance so that they could make an informed decision. The NEC’s vote to approve Wilcox is therefore invalid, as NEC members were not aware of this evidence when they voted.

The leaked report exposes the sabotage and misuse of funds by the Labour Right during the 2017 General Election; the racism, sexism and toxic culture within their circles; and the Labour right’s failure to deal with complaints of antisemitism, Islamophobia and other forms of discrimination. This evidence cannot be objectively assessed by someone who appears to support that very same faction.

A fair and impartial inquiry into the leaked report is essential to ending factionalism and enabling our party to unite and fight for a labour government. The inquiry will have no credibility with Baroness Wilcox’s on the panel, which will serve to deepen the rifts within our Party even further.

We urge you to remove Baroness Wilcox from the panel in light of the evidence which has emerged after the NEC meeting, which NEC members were not able to consider,